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A sheriff’s eviction notice is one of the scariest legal documents a homeowner can receive. If you are about to be evicted call right now for FREE advice on how to handle the eviction. In some cases we can stop the sheriffs eviction notice within 24 hours.

An eviction notice is sent by the local sheriff and is a legally enforceable document. The notice can be mailed or delivered to the address of the eviction. If the owner of the property does not live at the the house then the owner may not get the notice until after the eviction. This situation usually happens when the home or property owner has rented it and the tenants do not give the owner the notice.

The sheriff’s office is required to serve each property with an Eviction Notice prior to the eviction date. The notice is usually sent a couple of weeks before the eviction.

The best way to stop an eviction is to pay off your existing lender by getting a new mortgage. Our experienced mortgage brokers can arrange a new mortgage in as little as 24 hours. Our brokers can also provide access to a lawyer to answer any legal questions that you may have.